Volunteer Community Inclusion Champion

CAFAG Published: September 16, 2019
Opportunity Type
Make A Difference Locally
Befriending & Buddying


The role of the Community Inclusion Champions will be to assist the Community Inclusion Officers to deliver a range of provision for members of the community who are at risk of loneliness or who are lonely in order to provide them with positive opportunities and in turn to create more inclusive and stronger communities. You will support with reaching people in the community through the delivery of calling cards and/or leaflets, door-to-door calls and outreach work that explains what the project is and how people can get involved.

This project is funded by HM Government as a legacy to Jo Cox and is administered by the National Lottery Community Fund.

  1. To assist the Community Inclusion Officers with the running of the project and to particularly assist in targeting the hard to reacg and most vulnerable and at risk sections of the community.
  2. To support with the development of positive opportunities and activities that those who are at risk of being lonely or who are already lonely can participate in and benefit from and to work with the Community Inclusion Officers in order to recruit participants to these actvities.


  1. To work with the Community Inclusion Officers and the Community Enterprise Officer to organise the marketing, publicity and promotion of the project.
  2. To help with the engagement of underrepresented groups and those particuarly at risk of being isolated and suffering from loneliness including young people, minority ethnic groups and individials, LGBT+, those with a disability and the more disadvantaged and hardest to reach groups and individuals.
  3. To contribute towards the monitoring and evaluation of the project through ensuring that people complete registers, collect data and record the number of hours people take part in the project.
  4. To take part in staff and volunteer meetings in order to share information and contribute towards the future development of the project.
  5. To undertake any training and/or development which is required for this position or which will further your employment prospects.


  1. To support the Community Inclusion Officers in building strong partnerships and links with local schools, community and voluntary groups, key stakeholders and any other relevant groups/individuals.


  1. To assist with obtaining resources in order to successfully deliver the project and if necessary to help with fundraising for these.
  2. Any other duties as deemed necessary by the Community Inclusion Officers, the Community Enterprise Officer, Charity Manager and Board of Trustees.

This project runs until March 2021 but there are always other projects and departments that you can volunteer in should this project not gain further funding or continue.

Only registered members can apply for opportunities.

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